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Weddings Packages in Lindos Rhodes Greece

Pre-wedding consultation

Pre-wedding consultation with your wedding planner on arrival to Lindos

Translations of all your wedding documents

Including your final marriage license. License fees and legal costs. Administration and ceremony fees. Booking of the chapel. Registrar fees.

Flowers & Decorations

Brides bouquet. Groom, best man & fathers button holes. Bridesmaids posies. Mothers corsage

Wedding Cakes

We provide the best wedding cakes from our partners.

Photographer - Videographer

A professional photographer will cover the event,

Wedding cars, taxis, limousine & horse and carriage

Whatever you select, we can arrange it!

One hour boat trip after the ceremony

Enjoy a boat trip right after or any other time wish.

Bubbly reception on arrival at the Lindian House

Your reception will be a memorable experience for you and all your guests!

Roof garden & bar decorations

Delicate wedding decorations exclusively for your wedding!

BBQ on the roof garden and other menus

We provide a plethora of menus to select your favourite.

Many wines of your choice

Choose from a wide variety of wines.

Civil Weddings In Lindos Rhodes Greece

Civil weddings are very popular with couples who want to get married abroad. They are short ceremonies performed by the registrar of the town hall. There are free of any religious restrictions and legally binding.

Legal papers required for UK citizens:

  • Copies of bride and groom passports
  • Bride and groom full birth certificates (shorter versions not acceptable). These documents must be validated within six months of the wedding date.
  • Certificate of no impediment to marriage must provided for the bride and groom to state that you are free to marry.
  • Change of name by Deed poll or Adoption papers (if applicable) are required in certified copies.

All papers except passports MUST have an APOSTILLE stamp to be valid in Greece.

An Apostille stamp is the seal of the relevant country commonwealth office in accordance with the Hague convention. It allows the stamped documents to be used in a foreign country. The stamp refers the relevant legislation and indicates the validity of the documents for international use.

All the documents will then be sent to us about 6 weeks before the wedding date for translation into Greek and to be stamped by our lawyers.

You deserve a dream wedding!

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